Not sure what you can do?

But more than likely you’ll know what you want to have. Best to get the right advice before proceeding.We will meet at your house for a free consultation to discuss your project, call us now on 021 575 554 to book you free consultation. 

At this initial meeting we will go through the layout of the bathroom or kitchen to maximise the use of space and flow. We will also discuss any custom requirements you may have and we’ll give you advise on whether you require a building consent. 

After the consultation we will work out a basic floor plan and an estimate of cost. If the estimated cost to do the work you require is within your budget we can then proceed with the design part of the project and finalise the costing.

In the process of finalising your project we will go through various steps customised to your project. These steps include working out your colour scheme, finalising the fittings for your bathroom or kitchen renovation and finalising the plans.

If a building consent is required a member of our design team will get the draught plans drawn up for your approval. Once these are finalised and signed off by you, our valued customer, we will get the building consent application submitted.

As part of the project management we also set up a timeline and project schedule with a full quotation. This gives you, our valued customer, peace of mind that your bathroom or kitchen renovation will be completed on time and within budget, so call us now on 021 575 554 now to book you free consultation.


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