We offer several electric water heating solutions. The main two options being low pressure and mains pressure hot water cylinders. We can also offer continuous water heating systems, but they may require 3-phase electricity to run, depending on the application it will be used for.

Low pressure hot water cylinders

There are different types of low pressure hot water systems. You have the old gravity fed system which is fed from a header tank in the roof space and has an open vent, there is an open vented system and a valve vented. The most common of these three systems is the valve vented system. The reason for it’s popularity is that you get better pressure than the other two systems. If you would like to upgrade from a gravity fed or open vented system to a valve vented system or just need some advise click here.

We not only replace low pressure hot water cylinders but can also maintain your cylinder or valves. Quite often you will have the overflow on the roof leaking, just give us a call we have the stock in our vans and we will be able to get the problem sorted immediately.

Mains pressure hot water cylinders

Most of our customers now opt for mains pressure as it is about 6 times stronger than a low pressure system. We recommned that if you are wanting to upgrade from a low pressure cylinder to a mains pressure that you upgrade from a 135L Low Pressure Cylinder to a 180L Mains Pressure Cylinder. Obviously with the extra pressure, you will use more water, especially in the shower. There are two reason for the extra use of water, the first being extra pressure = extra water use. The second reason is because you won’t want to get out of the shower!!!

Installing a new mains pressure hot water cylinder is quite a big task, as you have to upgrade all the valves to comply with the Building Code. This requires you to have a cold water expansion valve and a tempering valve. The tempering valve is quite important as it is a device to prevent scolding, especially with young children and the elderly.

If you currently don’t have a tempering valve in your we would highly recommend it. If you have any further questions about this or would like to have one installed call us now on 021 575 554.

If you are considering installing a new mains pressure hot water cylinder, it is probably worth your while looking at a more energy efficient way of heating your water, check out a Econergy Heat Pump System.


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