Gas water heating

Redsea plumbing offer two options for gas water heating – continuous flow systems and hot water cylinders. There are various brands and various sizes for these two options, that we can supply. Both of these options are mains pressure only and can be run on LPG or Natural Gas. 

Both systems have different advantages and disadvantages. We have customers that see the value in having a continuous flow system, because they have endless hot water, and only pay for the heating of the water that they use. Other customers prefer the comfort of knowing that whether the power is on or off, that they have a hot water storage tank full of hot water. No matter what your preference, give us a call for a free no obligation quote.

Gas Continuous Flow Systems

At Redsea we recommend either a Rinnai Infinity or a Rheem Integrity. These are the two best known brands in the market. The Rinnai Infinity’s have a 3 year manufacturers warranty whereas the Rheem Integrity has a 10 year manufacturers warranty. The Rheem units are slightly more expensive then the Rinnai units.

Gas Hot Water Cylinders

We recommend Rheem gas hot water cylinders. The standard indoor and outdoor Mains Pressure gas hot water cylinders come with a 5 year warranty on the cylinder and a 12 month warranty on parts. If you plan on installing an outdoor hot water cylinder we would definitely recommend the Rheem Stellar, this cylinder comes with a 10 year warranty on the cylinder, 12 month warranty on parts and can reheat 200L of water per hour. It also has 5 star energy rating.

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